Keywords = Traffic accidents
COVID-19 pandemic and lessons learned for traffic accidents prevention

Volume 11, Issue 1, March 2022, Pages 1-2


Mehrdad Mahdian; Mahmood Atharizadeh

Road traffic accident fatality predictors: A case–control study in Isfahan

Volume 10, Issue 4, October 2021, Pages 227-231

Masumeh Safaee; Reza Eshraghi Samani; Rezvan Abdolazimi

Hospitalization Due to Traffic Accidents among the Elderly, Shiraz, 2018; Mortality, Severity, and Injury Pattern

Volume 9, Issue 3, July 2020, Pages 106-110

Mahnaz Yadollahi; Forough Pazhuheian; Kazem Jamali; Mohammad Hadi Niakan

Environmental Factors Influencing the Distribution of Pedestrian Traffic Accidents in Iran

Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 8-15

Amir Kavousi; Ali Moradi; Hamid Soori; Khaled Rahmani

Environmental factors affecting the frequency of traffic accidents leading to death in 22 districts of Tehran during 2014–2016

Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 33-40

Amir Kavousi; Ali Moradi; Hamid Soori; Khaled Rahmani; Salahdin Zeini; Hossein Bonakchi

Comparison of Risk Factors for Pedestrian Fatality in Urban and Suburban Traffic Accidents

Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2018, Pages 39-44


Jalil Hasani; Ali Khorshidi; Saeed Erfanpoor; Bashir Nazparvar; Seyed Saeed Hashemi Nazari

Road Traffic Accidents in Yazd Province, Iran: A Longitudinal Study (2012–2016)

Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2018, Pages 68-72


Mohammad Hasan Lotfi; Mohammad Montazer; Hossein Lashkardoost; Farimah Shamsi; Maryam Askari; Elham Hamedi; Andishe Hamedi

A Time Series Model for Assessing the Trend and Forecasting the Road Traffic Accident Mortality

Volume 5, Issue 3, May 2016


Shahrokh Yousefzadeh-Chabok; Fatemeh Ranjbar-Taklimie; Reza Malekpouri; Alireza Razzaghi

Injuries Due to Wedging of Bicycle Wheels in On-road Tram Tracks

Volume 3, Issue 4, November 2014


Jaap Deunk; Annelieke M. K. Harmsen; Casper P. Schonhuth; Frank W. Bloemers

Epidemiology of Pediatric Head Trauma in Guilan

Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2012, Pages 19-22


Shahrokh Yousefzadeh Chabok; Sara Ramezani; Leila Kouchakinejad; Zahra Saneei