Fluoroscopic visualization of 4+5 extensor compartmental arteries in Kienböck's Disease

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Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery Department, Istanbul, Turkiye


Background: Many surgical treatment methods have been presented for Kienböck's disease. The most current treatment method is the surgical procedure with 4+5 extensor compartmental artery (ECA) bone graft. However, the graft harvest site is very close to the radioulnar and radiocarpal joints.
Objectives: This study aimed at determining the efficacy of intraoperative fluoroscopy evaluation of 4+5 ECA.
Methods: Intraoperative fluoroscopic visualization of the 4+5 ECA may facilitate the surgical procedure. Patients with lunate avascular necrosis at stage II-IIIA according to Lichtman classification who underwent 4+5 ECA bone graft were included in the study. A total of 13 patients (3 females, 10 males) participated in the study.
Results: The mean follow-up period of the patients was 15 months. In all patients, 4+5 ECA localizations were determined fluoroscopically. None of the patients experienced complications related to graft harvest.
Conclusion: Locating the intraoperative fluoroscopic 4+5 ECA may make the surgical procedure safer.


Tamer Coşkun [Pubmed] [Google Scholar]



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