Author = Zahra Mohtasham-Amiri
Animal-Vehicle Collisions in North of Iran: What's to Be Done?

Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 7-12

Naema Khodadadi-Hassankiadeh; Farzad Sedaghati; Leila Kouchakinejad-Eramsadati; Ali Davoudi-Kiakalayeh; Shahrokh Yousefzadeh-Chabok; Zahra Mohtasham-Amiri; Enayatollah Homaie Rad

The Relationship Between Serum Levels of Interleukins 6, 8, 10 and Clinical Outcome in Patients With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2015


Sharhokh Yousefzadeh-Chabok; Anoush Dehnadi Moghaddam; Ehsan Kazemnejad-Leili; Zahra Saneei; Marieh Hosseinpour; Leila Kouchakinejad-Eramsadati; Alireza Razzaghi; Zahra Mohtasham-Amiri