Author = Stephan Brand
Effectiveness of Bicycle Safety Helmets in Preventing Facial Injuries in Road Accidents

Volume 5, Issue 3, May 2016

Rebecca Stier; Dietmar Otte; Christian Müller; Maximilian Petri; Ralph Gaulke; Christian Krettek; Stephan Brand

Road Traffic Related Injury Severity in Truck Drivers: A Prospective Medical and Technical Analysis of 582 Truck Crashes

Volume 5, Issue 2, May 2016

Sebastian Decker; Dietmar Otte; Christian Walter Muller; Mohamed Omar; Christian Krettek; Carl Haasper; Stephan Brand

Open Repair Versus Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair in Multiple-Injured Patients: Observations From a Level-1 Trauma Center

Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2015

Stephan Brand; Ingo Breitenbach; Philipp Bolzen; Maximilian Petri; Christian Krettek; Omke Teebken

Current Concepts for Patellar Dislocation

Volume 4, Issue 3, August 2015

Maximilian Petri; Max Ettinger; Timo Stuebig; Stephan Brand; Christian Krettek; Michael Jagodzinski; Mohamed Omar