Chest Tube Malposition Inserted in Thorax Increases Morbidity at Thoracoabdominal Injury


Department of General and Emergency Surgery, Mugla Sitki Kocman University Hospital, Muğla, Turkey



Thoracoabdominal penetrating trauma management is challenging when diaphragm injuries are involved. Thorax tube is golden standard for penetrating thoracoabdominal injuries. It has some complications. A 27‑year‑old male had stabbed thoracoabdominal penetrating trauma thorax tube inserted at another hospital. We decided to explore abdomen laparoscopy when he has symptoms at abdomen. We saw thorax tube ruptured diaphragm. We saturated diaphragm intracorporeally with laparoscopic protege. The clinician should not insert tube from penetrating trauma area. Tube must be inserted from its usual anatomical intercostal space.


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