Tetanus after Trauma: Still Existed Problem in Tropical Country


Department of Tropical Medicine, Hainan Medical University, Haikou, China



Dear Editor,
An important concern on the management of trauma case
is the tetanus prevention. In the past, when tetanus toxoid,
is not easily available, the rate of posttraumatic tetanus was
very high. In tropical countries, the problem of tetanus is still
existed. Here, the author discusses and summarizes the problem
of tetanus after trauma in the local reports[1,2] in Thailand, a
tropical country in Asia. Based on database review (PubMed,
Scopus, and Thai Index Medicus) on case reports of tetanus
in Thailand in the past 15 years period (2001–2016), there are
at least 132 accumulated cases of posttraumatic tetanus. The
male‑to‑female ratio was 2:1. The mortality rate is 8.02%. In
all cases, the patients did not receive the tetanus toxoid.

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