Concurrent Lateral Condyle Mass Fracture With Olecranon Fracture: A Case Report and Brief Review of Literature


Postgraduate Department of Orthopaedics, Government Medical College, Jammu and Kashmir, India



There is very limited literature describing the association of lateral condyle mass (LCM) fracture of the distal humerus associated concurrently with olecranon fracture. Herein, a case is reported of a displaced LCM fracture with displaced olecranon fracture, due to complex trauma while getting out of a vehicle, which was managed by open reduction and internal fixation.

Case Presentation
A 4.5- year- old boy suffered severe pain and swelling around his right elbow due to trauma which he suffered while trying to get out of a vehicle which was in motion. Plain radiographs of the anteroposterior, lateral, and oblique views showed a displaced lateral mass fracture associated with a displaced olecranon fracture. Open reduction and internal fixation was carried out and near normal function was achieved.

In view of the paucity of literature and rare incidence of this injury, this case report highlights the need to be aware of other injuries which can occur in association with LCM fractures in children.