The frequency of road traffic injuries and deaths in Eastern Mediterranean Region: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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1 Noncommunicable Diseases Research Center, Bam University of Medical Sciences, Bam, Iran

2 Department of Medical Informatics, Faculty of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran

3 Center for Healthcare Data Modeling, Departments of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, School of Public Health, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, Iran

4 Department of Medical Informatics; Clinical Research Development Unit, Imam Reza Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran



Background and Objectives: Deaths and injuries due to road traffic accidents are important public health problems in the world and the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR). The current study aimed to review published articles and registry-based reports on the burden of road traffic injuries and deaths in the EMR for all road users. 
Methods: PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, and Index Medicos for Eastern Mediterranean Region databases were searched to identify all related articles published until January 9, 2023. The search strategy included a thorough search of the keywords as follows: (burden OR disability-adjusted life years OR DALY OR incidence OR prevalence OR morbidity OR mortality OR death) AND (road traffic accident OR road traffic injury OR road traffic crash) AND (EMRO OR “Eastern Mediterranean Region” OR name of countries in EMRO). The population-based or registry-based data, and hospital-based data with underlying causes of death (codes V01–V99) were included. The death of other transportation, literature reviews, viewpoints, and commentaries was excluded. The quality of papers was assessed using the STROBE checklist. Available data for all road users based on their type were extracted and analyzed. Finally, a random-effects meta-analysis was performed, and pooled rates of road traffic injuries and deaths were estimated. Moreover, meta-regression was performed to identify the potential sources of heterogeneity. 
Results: The review of 69 studies showed that the pooled rate was 173.9/100,000 population (95% confidence interval [CI]: 165.1–182.9). The pooled fatal and crash injury rates were 31.4 deaths (95% CI: 30.3–32.7) and 218.6 injuries (95% CI: 212.5–224.6) per 100,000 population. The highest road traffic crash rates belonged to motorized four-wheeler users at 73.8/100,000 population (95% CI: 70.7–77.0), followed by motorized two–three wheelers/cyclists at 30.2/100,000 population (95% CI: 4.1–64.5). 
Conclusions: The burden of road traffic injury and death was high in EMR. Therefore, the modification of the traffic crash data logging system and active monitoring of the consequences of traffic crashes in this region are required.


Seyyed-Mohammad Tabatabaei [Pubmed] [Google Scholar]



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